User Lookup

User Lookup

Mogreet User Lookup API provides instant data about your mobile customers, allowing you to customize your outreach them with highly targeted, relevant messaging and content.

Find out more about your users

User Lookup API calls are based on an MSISDN (mobile phone number). The Mogreet platform reads the MSISDN and delivers reports back what it knows about that user. The returned data points are:

  • Carrier
  • Handset make / model
  • Operating System
  • Screen resolution
  • Area code and geographic region (inferred from the area code)
  • How long that MSISDN has been known to the Mogreet platform
  • If the MSISDN is a land line or on an unsupported carrier

Send targeted content

The User Lookup API provides a powerful method for targeting content and messaging to your users. For instance, use the User Lookup to increase App downloads by sending Android users the android link and iOS users the Apple Store link. Or target Verizon customers with specially relevant offers. The User Lookup API is also perfect for cleaning lists, removing land lines, google voice numbers, and other non-mobile MSISDNs.

Pricing: View our simple pay as you go pricing

Documentation: See the user lookup message documentation