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With the Smart URL, Mogreet’s API platform is a 'smart cdn', providing handset detection, content adaptation and delivery for images, audio, and video to mobile devices, mobile apps, rich media, web widgets, web sites and much more.

How it Works

You ingest content via the media.upload API call. The content is transcoded into a number of different versions designed for perfect playback on a wide variety of mobile devices, notebook and desktop computers, tablets and other computing and media platforms.

Each of the various versions of content is automatically pushed out to a variety of hosting facilities and global CDNs.

A special hash code is generated to uniquely identify the master content and all the transcoded versions.  That hash code is returned as a 'Smart URL' for use in one’s applications and services. A smart URL looks like this:

Use the Smart URL in your applications anywhere you would normally use a URL to a piece of content. When any device accesses the Smart URL via HTTP GET, the Mogreet platform reads the User Agent string, looks up the device type, identifies the correct version, and serves the content to the device via the most appropriate delivery protocol, including HTTP,  RTSP and RTMP.

An Example

A  45 second QuickTime movie of the 'dunk of the day', the MSP platform will automatically create 20 or more versions of that content: several .mp4, .3gp with both h.264 and mpeg4 codecs, streaming  .flv,  an .m4v, a compressed .mov,  all at different screen resolutions, frame rates and bitrates.   In the response of the ingestion API call you will receive back a url like this:

This link may be used anywhere that can play or display a content file over the global internet, like a web page, an sms or mms message, in a social media application, or a mobile application (try it now in your browser!)

You can also check your media library via API call, to see the content items you have already uploaded, using the media.list API command


The media list API call takes your client_id and token, and returns an XML formatted response detailing all the items of content that you have ingested, the associated content ids, and the Smart URL used to access the content on a mobile device.


with the following parameters:

Name Description
client_id Your client id.
token Your token.
format Optional. When set to 'json' the response will be in JSON format rather than XML.

A successful call will return an HTTP 200 with XML response, having the following elements for each media item in the media list:

Element Name Description
A unique integer describing that content master in the Mogreet system. Can be used in other media API calls to modify or delete the content item.
The URL where this content can be accessed on all devices
The name of the content item given at the time the content was ingested
One of: Audio, Video, Image
The filename of the file ingested

See the full API reference for more info: Mogreet Messaging System API 4.01.pdf


Pricing for transcoding video is based on the length of the input video content. Ingesting images and audio is a flat rate one time fee. Delivery pricing is calculated on the number of Smart URL calls made. There are no other hosting, storage, bandwidth or transfer charges at all as long as transfer traffic remains under a threshold of 1 GB per month.