User Lookup


The lookup method is unique in that it can return information about any Mobile user with service on the supported mobile carriers, whether or not that user is currently opted into a campaign. This information is useful for targeting content to users on a specific carrier or mobile device.
When you make the user.lookup API call, the MoMS will first determine the mobile carrier of the target user. This carrier information will be available in all cases except where the target user MSISDN is not on a supported mobile network, is a land line, or a Google voice number.
The MoMS will next attempt to determine the specific handset device type. The device type can be determined in just over 50% of all cases, and this percentage rises to nearly 100% if the user has received content from Mogreet in the past. This API call has specific fees per use of the API, so be mindful of exceeding the free usage allowed during implementation and testing.


with the following parameters:

Name Description
client_id Your client id. Log onto the Campaign Manager to access your client id.
token Your token. Log onto the Campaign Manager to access your token.
number A mobile number (MSISDN).

A successful call will return an HTTP 200 with XML response. See the following request and response examples:

Request Response
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<response code="1" status="success">
<message><![CDATA[user info]]></message>
<carrier id="3"><![CDATA[AT&T]]></carrier>
<handset id="6372"><![CDATA[Apple iPhone 4]]></handset>
The carrier information returned will include the Mogreet carrier id (in the above example, 3) as well as the text name associated with that carrier. In many cases, a carrier may have more than one carrier id, reflecting the consolidation in the carrier markets.

Here is a short table of the most common carriers:

Carrier ID Carrier Name
2 T-Mobile
3 AT&T
4 Verizon Wireless
5 Sprint
6 Nextel
7 Alltel
8 Bell Mobility
9 TracFone (AT&T)
24 Metro PCS
27 Telus
28 Western Wireless
29 Rogers
36 US Cellular
41 Cellular One Dobson

You can download a pdf version of the full API reference here: Mogreet Messaging System API 4.01.pdf