Manage lists

Sending to Lists

The list object manages the creation, editing, use and destruction of lists belonging to a given client. Lists are lists of cell numbers available for use in campaigns, however, lists belong to clients – not to campaigns. 
Using lists is an easier way to manage different groups of users, and a faster way to initiate sends to large groups. We call a send to members of a list a 'blast'.

The message body can be set for this blast by specifying the optional message parameter.

The media content (image, audio or video) can be set either by specifying the content_id parameter (for content already ingested) or by specifying the content_url parameter, which must be a publicly accessible URL pointing to an appropriate media type: audio file, image file, or video file.  Allowed media types and specs are detailed here

The optional callback parameter may be set to a valid email address.  If the callback parameter is present, an email will be sent at the conclusion of the list.send, containing delivery statistics and other information to assist in debugging.
Here is a brief list of the APIs available.
You can download a pdf version of the full API reference here: Mogreet Messaging System API 4.01.pdf

Use the info API call to find out more about a given list, including how many numbers are in the list, when the list was created, and when it was most recently updated.



Use the create method to add a new list. The list is created empty. In addition to the standard client_id and token params, pass in a name for the new list. The name parameter is required later to destroy the list, to prevent accidental list destruction.



Use the append API call to add new numbers to a list. The call requires a list_id, to which numbers will be appended, and a list of mobile numbers delimited by commas. The maximum quantity of mobile numbers which may be appended in a single API call is 1024.



Use the prune API call to remove one or more mobile numbers from a list. The call takes a comma separated list and removes those numbers it finds to match in the target list_id. The maximum quantity of mobile numbers which may be pruned in a single API call is 1024.



The list.send API method performs a bulk send of a given message and content to all the MSISDNs in the list, obeying the opt-in status of each number on the given campaign and shortcode. Because lists belong to clients, rather than specific campaigns, the method requires a list_id and a campaign_id.


The download API call takes the usual token and client_id, plus a list_id, and after validation, returns the contents of the list back to the caller in the response body.



The list.empty API call completely empties a list from the account of the calling client. Any numbers stored in the list are no longer accessible via that list_id, but the list_id itself still remains, and can be re-used by adding new numbers with list.append. Emptying a list does not indicate that the constituent mobile numbers have been 'opted out' – merely that the list no longer contains any numbers.