Send your first message

Ok so you created a Mogreet account, you have your API credentials, and you're ready to send your first message. On this page, you will learn how to send an SMS first and then an MMS. Don't worry about costs for now, every new account gets $25 free credit :-)

You can find your SMS campaign_id in your Dashboard.
Don't have credentials yet? Sign up!


Here is the url to trigger an SMS send:
Replace the parameters with your account information and paste the url in a browser or use an HTTP client like curl to try it.


Sending an MMS isn't much harder. You only need to use your MMS campaign_id and add a parameter for the source of the media content. This example shows you how to send a cat picture from a url:!&content_url=
You can also send videos and audio from urls. See the Message Sending doc page for more details. If you want to send your own files, have a look at the Transcoding API.