Create an account

If haven't registered yet, create a free account here to receive your API credentials. The gnomes will make your account, credit it with $25 worth of free service, assign a shared short-code and send you an API token via email. You can also retrieve your credentials in your Dashboard. If you like the service, you can set up a credit card for billing and pay for your API use monthly, with no obligation or contract.

Security Options and Requirements

All requests to the MoMS APIs require a client account in MoMS system, and a client id and a token.  

Client ID & Token

Developer clients will receive the Client ID and Token during signup, and can retrieve these at any time in the developer dashboard.


All of the calls made to the MoMS and CM APIs require the use of HTTP over SSL. This prevents a man in the middle from eavesdropping on your connections.  

Server Side vs. Client Side 

The MoMs and CM API calls should only be made from a server-side portion of your application.   The MoMS and CM APIs should not be made on the web client side, i.e. through JavaScript or another browser language.  Making Client-side API calls will expose your client_id and credentials to the public, will prevent IP white listing, and would expose your organization to malicious use of your services.

White Listing Source IPs

MOMS API platform can optionally check the source IP address of each request to verify that the originating server has permission to request the service.  If you know your originating IP addresses, and they will remain constant, you may provide these IP addresses to limit access on your behalf to those IP blocks. Developer customers can provide IPs during signup or via the dashboard.