About Us

The Mogreet Tech Team are serious mobile nerds

Here at Mogreet, we love mobile. We love mobile so much, we sleep with our phones. We are thrilled to share the same enterprise class mobile platform we built for our corporate clients with the rest of the world. We added a few more features, like User Lookup and the Video Transcoding and Hosting, and threw open the doors. Now folks all around these here United States are using our APIs to increase communication across the US.

The thing is, we just want you to get your mobile on. Bring it.

Here's a shout out to the folks who make the API magic happen.

Jordan E.

  • Favorite Beer: Hitachino
  • Special Ability: Has never taken a day off work
  • Dog or Cat?: No.

Jordan is Employee #1 at Mogreet, joining way back in 2006. Today he wrangles projects for our enterprise customers!

Linda N.

  • Favorite Beer: Pale Ales
  • Special Ability: Absorbs radiation from The Sun
  • Dog or Cat?: Dog.

As Head of QA and Testing, Linda catches all our mistakes!

Paul F.

  • Favorite Beer: Stone IPA
  • Special Ability: Invisibility and Ruby-Fu
  • Dog or Cat?: Dog

Senior Ruby Engineer Paul wrangles bits for good and evil!

Jesse O.

  • Favorite Beer: Ranger IPA
  • Special Ability: Mountain Biking
  • Dog or Cat?: Snowboard

Jesse is tasked with maintaining existing and implementing new features in our flagship product, The Campaign Manager.

Anthony R.

  • Favorite Beer: Pliny the Younger
  • Special Ability: Grows his own hops
  • Dog or Cat?: As a Pet? Cats. For eating? Dogs.

Answers to Anthor

Jonathan P.

  • Favorite Beer: Chimay white
  • Special Ability: Keyboard ninja
  • Dog or Cat?: Cat

Jonathan writes code for the messaging platform. He also dreams a lot about baguettes.

Alex S.

  • Favorite Beer: Blue Moon
  • Special Ability: Can dance with fingers
  • Dog or Cat?: Dog

A programmer and a DJ.

Rafael C.

  • Favorite Beer: Monkeyhead
  • Special Ability: Everything Soccer, except goalie
  • Dog or Cat?: Watches wild animals

Considered the most interesting Video Engineer in the world.