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Add messaging and rich media to your applications with the Mogreet Platform.

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MMS and SMS Messaging API

Power your application with SMS and MMS messaging starting at 0.75¢ per message

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Video Transcoding

Let Mogreet's technology do the heavy lifting to transcode video, image, and audio files

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User and Handset Data Lookup

Get information on mobile carrier, handset make and model, geographic region, and more

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No frills, get started in minutes, and no contract.

Who Codes with the Mogreet API?

The MMS capability is handled by Mogreet which has a nice way to do SMS (with MMS)... If you follow my hacks I’m a big fan of Twilio but this time they let me down by not offering MMS capabilities."
- Noel Portugal, Oracle Technologist

When you start thinking about which killer features will emerge in our mobile apps this year…the majority will depend on photos or videos, making MMS a pretty critical API resources to have in your developers toolbox. I predict we will see [Mogreet] fueling the next crop of meaningful mobile apps"
- Kin Lane, API Evangelist


Use MemeBro to create a quick and easy MMS image via text messaging!


Send photographs through the mail with just a text message.


Easily share your location to someone's mobile phone.